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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor played fast and loose with Tolkien’s mythology, but the sequel’s approach is positively banzai. One minute Talion and Celebrimbor – our dynamic ranger/wraith duo in a single body – are forging a new ring.

The next they’re tangled up with Shelob, now a suspiciously hot shape-shifting spider/witch/goddess thing. And that’s just getting started. Monolith’s orcs have always had more in common with Games Workshop’s greenskins than those of Tolkien, but this bunch of Aussie/cockney/Bristolian/middle-European nutters takes the biscuit. By the time you’ve kicked off a whole new war for Mordor, or battled Nazgul, trolls and Balrogs, nothing will surprise you.

It’s very hard to find a working  Middle Earth Shadow of War  generator because of high amount of fake websites and you have probably tried a fair share of them and you were just wasting your time for absolutely no reason.

Anyway, I make it pretty simple for you to get your free resources. There are no downloads or payments, and you will be playing on your resources loaded account within just a few minutes.

Most people just can’t afford to spend their money on games, and I wish to spread some happiness to the gaming community.

Let me explain why my Middle Earth Shadow of War Hack is really free.

Completely Free Gems

In this day and age it is very rare to find things that are free. Most people are searching for ways to make more money rather than give some away.

However, there are also people that value generosity and genuinely enjoy giving back to others. That’s exactly who I am.

I’ve been a true gamer for my entire life. When I was young though, I couldn’t afford money for many games, consoles, or something like that.

Instead of playing games, I resorted to watching Streamers and YouTubers play with intense jealously. All I wanted to do was spend my free time enjoying games without having to spend a lot of real money.

I made this generator in order to provide a service to those who can’t afford these things themselves.

Below you will find the link to the Middle Earth Shadow of War generator.

How to use the Middle Earth Shadow of War Cheat Tool

I designed the Middle Earth Shadow of War  generator with individuals of all ages in mind. It’s simple, quick, and fun to use.

First, click into the generator box above.

Fill out the boxes with your details username, select your platform (iOS, Android,MAC, Windows) and select antiban for security.

Select ‘Connect’.

Select the amount of free Gems you wish to obtain.

Select ‘Hack Now’.

The generator will then find your account in the database and verify your account.

During this time, complete a bot-prevention survey to ensure you’re a legitimate person.

The survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and by the time you’re done the generator will be able to load the resources into your account.

And that’s it!

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